Invitation from USBBY President Therese Bigelow

You are warmly invited to attend the 12th IBBY Regional Conference at the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, October 20-22, 2017.

As home computers and digital games exploded in the 1990's, the late Eliza Dresang began to note the changing ways children interacted with literature. She published her definitive thinking and research as Radical Change: Books for Youth in a Digital Age in 1999. USBBY, in planning for the 12th IBBY Regional Conference in Seattle in conjunction with the Information School at the University of Washington, is pleased to announce the theme in honor of Eliza, a professor at the university, "Radical Change Beyond Borders - the Transforming Power of Children's Literature in a Digital age." Speakers and participants will explore the changing role of children's literature reflecting changing times and an international lens. Conference speakers include: Sonja Danowski, Pam Munoz Ryan, Jerry Pinkney, Sarah Ellis, Karen Bass, Christy Jordan-Fenton, Margaret Pokiak-Fenton and Peter Sís. In addition to the main sessions, there will be book discussions, story telling, local Seattle authors and more. You won't want to miss this 12th Regional Conference!

To learn more about Dr. Dresang and her work, see this multi-faceted, multi-voiced tribute: Mills, J. Elizabeth, et al. “Putting Youth First: The Radical Eliza T. Dresang.Journal of Research on Libraries & Young Adults 5 (2015): n. page. Web.

Sherman Alexie’s publisher related the disappointing news that he is unable to appear at the upcoming IBBY regional conference. We were looking forward to having Sherman as our closing speaker. Most of you probably read Sherman’s public statement relating how the book tour promoting his memoir, You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me, was taking a great emotional toll and that he needed to take a break. Although he will resume making limited appearances in the fall, he is unable to accommodate USBBY in the scaled back schedule. We understand and wish you well, Sherman, and look forward to hearing from you at another time.

Therese Bigelow, USBBY President Ed Sullivan, Conference Planning Committee Chair

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Dorothy Briley speaker: Cao Wenxaun

An Historical Excursion to the Japanese American Exclusion Memorial on Bainbridge Island

Free Tours of Seattle Public's Central Library

Free tour of Special Collections at the University of Washington Libraries to see a wide range of historical children's books

The University of Washington Information School is pleased to announce that noted author Margarita Engle will be the featured speaker for the Spencer G. Shaw Endowed Lecture Series on Thursday, October 19 at 7 pm. The lecture spotlights award-winning authors and illustrators. It honors beloved UW Information School Professor Emeritus Spencer Shaw, who was an internationally-known librarian, storyteller and teacher. A link to registration information will be posted here in late September. Come a day early to Seattle to add the Spencer Shaw Lecture to your IBBY Regional Conference experience! You must register in advance, click here for registration information.

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